Our way.

We visualize built and unbuilt architecture.

At Kaiserbold, we aim to visualize every project in a unique way giving the final image its own distinct characteristics, strength, and emotion.

In the core of our philosophy is the thought that every project is different and every picture should be unique. As such, we want each of the pictures we create to have its own distinct feeling and to convey its own set of emotions about the project at hand. We consider natural lighting, colors and composition as the most important elements and main instruments in that communication with the spectator.

Our final product gains its specific charisma with two key ingredients we add during each step of production: Our passion and dedication.

How we work.

What we do and how we do it.

The first step of our work process is to pay attention to all of the client’s needs. After we are informed about the outline of your project and planned budget, we will recommend the most suitable level of service we can provide. We will listen carefully to all descriptions about your project and intentions you have in mind for the images.

With that input and other material you send us, we’ll try to find a unique concept and atmosphere for your project. We consider that the best images are created in a process where we have time to explore, experiment, and think. By patiently proceeding with the design process, and paying attention to your every word, we avoid any potential errors caused by miscommunication and lack of vision.

The team.

Meet our squad of savvy, motivated kaisers.

We are multidisciplinary and friendly team consisting of architects and CG artists. Our studio is based in South Germany in a small town named Reutlingen. We are completely driven in our goal to maintain our practice of successful projects and good client relations. We invest ourselves in everything we do and we truly care about every image we lay our hands on. The primary parts of our ethos are to listen, understand, learn and apply. We have been maintaining this as our work culture since the beginning of the company, and we consider it one of our greatest strengths.

We believe in dedicated and hard work. No matter how good we are today or how good we become, there is always room for improvement. We currently don’t have anybody on our team who isn’t somehow involved in the creative process. Every individual in Kaiserbold is an experienced artist who brings their strengths to the table. There is no project too big or too small for us and our unique approach to creating striking images.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

And we believe in it.

We could talk all day about the projects we have proudly worked on, but who needs more sales pitches and marketing jargon? Browse through our project cases, and if you want to know more or just want to say hello, drop us a line.

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