25 Premium People PNG Cutouts [Free Download]

Free high-end people PNG cutouts

The Most Valuable Resource in Archviz.

There is never enough 2D people cutouts you can use for your 3D renders.


The best way to avoid repetition on your CGI stills is to start building up your resource library.  With that being said, you can start making your unique 3D resources or just download some cool stuff online.


We at kaiserbold decided to help you out and share something really valuable for architects and visual studios.


We have put together a free cutout people package. It contains 25 unique people and comes in ready-to-use and optimized PNG format.


This bundle is available for absolutely nothing! There’s no catch, no ‘tweet to own’ or anything like that.


Here’s a closer look at what you can get:


These people png freebies have been created by our in-house 3D graphic artists and you can use them for personal, educational and non-commercial purposes only. Please read the next few lines below about terms and conditions before using them on your 3D renders.


As you know, using cutout images of people in CGI stills is a complicated business.

To make it short: If you’re doing renders for an architecture firm, freelance work, or even for a competition, it’s probably considered commercial use under the law. That means you need copyright permission from the original photographer (that’s us), and permission from the model to use their likeness.


But it gets better:

Although we have taken all photos in this bundle and transformed them into PNG cutouts, so obviously we own the rights, by downloading and using them you are aware that these bundle of free cutout people is for educational and otherwise non-commercial use only. If you want to read in detail about this issue, we strongly suggest you take a look at Nonscandinavia’s write-up on legal issues about images you take and make cutouts of them.




*Just write down ZERO so you can grab the file for free:




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We hope you find this freebie people cutouts bundle useful. If you did, spread the word!




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