25 Sky Backgrounds Everyone Should Have [Free Download]

25 Free Sky Backgrounds: It’s time to make your 3D rendering stand out.




People that are good in 3D do two things very well.


First, they identify client niches that get them work.


Second, they put 100% of their free time to find the perfect and unique 3D resources.


But you are probably wondering:


“How do I find time to create useful resources for my next 3D project, when I’m overwhelmed?”


There is a very simple answer to that question.


Unique 3D resources, like in this case sky backgrounds, are just everywhere around you.


Want to know our secret? We are trying to find perfect resources for our post production work quite often.


And to answer the question, in most cases resources for our 3D work are captured by the members of the team while going to work, traveling around or just exploring the nature around us.




– Knowing the proper rendering setup is great.


– Knowing how to do proper post production of 3D rendering is also great. Btw, if you want to learn how we take our renderings to the next level, just follow this link.


But to stand out from the crowd and get your 3D image noticed is challenging.


You need essentials just to get started, and as you know, essentials in our industry are in first place good resources.


Resources that are unique and you can’t find them on popular 3D platforms like Evermotion, Design Connected or Viz-People.


First of all, everybody needs pretty sky backgrounds for post processing.


Something you can use on daily basis. It doesn’t matter if it’s 3ds Max, Cinema4D, Blender or just Photoshop.



Today we prepared something really essential for all creative people:


25 Free Sky Backgrounds in high-resolution that you can use right now.


This package contains 25 high-res sky images and it’s free for commercial use. They have been created by our in-house 3D graphic artists and you can use them wherever you like.



As mentioned above, today has never been easier to create your own resource library on daily bases. Let’s take sky backgrounds and this collection for example. All you need to do is to get out, watch the clouds and wait for a perfect shape. Obviously, that is the right time to pull out DSLR and to snap some pictures.


In the meantime, you can just relax, sit back while watching the clouds and wait for a perfect moment. There is something about clouds. They are unpredictable, constantly changing in shape, color, and texture.



So, if you’re looking for free sky backgrounds for your post-production and editing work in general, look no more,  follow the link below and write down ZERO so you can grab the file for free:



FREE Download





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We hope you will find these sky backgrounds useful.


Edit them, overlay them and you will get some beautiful background plates.


So get them quick and make some drama!



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