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Accommodation in a Class of Its Own: Working With Parla Projekt

Buying a home is such a huge milestone in anyone’s life. It’s exciting, it’s often stressful, and it also implies a great dose of responsibility – because you’re essentially investing in your future.

Parla Projekt, a company from Stockholm that’s developing and building houses in Sweden, is well aware of this fact. They gather top architects primarily from Sweden who enter the picture once you find the answer to a seemingly simple question:

How would you like to live?

Each of Parla Projekt’s houses is
unique and captures a different lifestyle. Maybe you envision yourself in a modern semi-detached house that resembles a villa? Or maybe you’re looking for a hidden haven with a tucked-in back garden in the middle of the city, to get away from all the commotion?

You may have an idea of what you want, but
it’s far easier when you see it with your own eyes.

That’s exactly the area where Kaiserbold was able to help Parla Projekt.  

The Challenge Parla Projekt Initially Faced

One of the common misconceptions about CGI imagery is that it takes less time and effort than it actually does. In addition, miscommunications happen often, which again – negatively affects the time to market. Plus, if you lock yourself in poor contracts, you might lose money and nerves in the process while receiving shitty imagery at the end.

Ömer Parlayan
, who is the general manager at Parla Projekt revealed that the biggest issue for them initially was the endless back-and-forth with the CGI studio who just didn’t seem to get their vision: 

“The biggest problem we used to encounter during the design process was too many revisions. The design and the manufacture of a home project can take months, which sometimes requires dozens of revisions. Without the initial understanding between us and the CGI studio we choose to collaborate with, the project is likely to be doomed.”

Without the right CGI studio as a reliable partner, this can become a true business nightmare and damage your revenue streams.

How Kaiserbold Started Working with Parla Projekt

To bring your dream home right in front of you, we use the art of 3D visualization. Yep, that’s what we do at Kaiserbold. We visualize something that’s yet to be built and often make it so realistic that you actually think it’s a photograph, not a computer-generated image. What can we say – that’s the power of a carefully crafted visual.

We have more than a decade of experience, and we’re not afraid to say it. What we believe sets us apart from most CGI studios is
what we like to call “the last 5%”. This refers to the tiniest possible details that make the image powerful enough to trigger an emotional response. And we love it when our potential clients recognize this.

Now, how
did we start collaborating with Parla? Well, Ömer discovered our work on Instagram (btw, if you’re not following us there, you should definitely start now), and it resonated with him:

“When I needed a CGI studio that produces attractive visual and creative work, I saw some of Kaiserbold’s projects – first on Instagram and then on the website. Their style was perhaps the most important reason for us deciding to work with them. That’s what drew my attention first.”

Ömer also underlines the importance of cross-team collaboration for the best results, because ultimately – all these efforts add up and create an incredible benefit for the end buyer. When you start working with a new partner, it often feels a bit risky because you’re testing new waters. But Parla Projekt was soon relieved when they started working with us:

“In architectural projects, potential buyers are curious about what a house will look like before the construction is completed. If you have the perfect architectural design for a home, you should show it to everyone, but it’s a challenge to find the best way to do it. That’s where CGI comes in. Visualization makes the design better.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Why Kaiserbold and Not Some Other CGI Studio

Of course, the job of collaborating with an external partner is not always easy or pretty. But it gets a lot easier when both the 3D artists and the clients are lucky enough to click with one another immediately.

At Kaiserbold, we have an established process that includes an introduction call and later a detailed brief with a clearly defined project scope, deadlines, revision rounds, etc. So, we have sufficient experience to know all the necessary steps to ensure both sides are on the same page and that we deliver (and even exceed) the expectations.

Ömer elaborated how the actual collaboration plays an equally important role as the artists’ craftery itself:

“I think one of the most important factors is looking at your CGI partner as an extension of your team. The key is in effective collaboration. In case of revisions, it is necessary to rely on the talents and personal opinions of the 3D Artists. Other factors are the quality of the final product and, of course, the timely completion of the work. In this regard, Kaiserbold provided us with everything we needed at the agreed time. After they produced the images of several projects in perfect quality, precisely the way our potential buyers would like, we decided to continue our work with Kaiserbold.”

That’s how you build trust, my friends: through uncompromisable quality.

The Projects Kaiserbold Worked On

Like with every client, we first invested an effort into understanding Parla Projekt’s work philosophy. We understood that it matters for them that each house is unique and that there must be an established common ground and clear understanding between their potential buyer, the 3D artists, and the architects themselves. That’s what turns a house into a home.

Their aesthetics was perfectly clear to us and something that we specialized in. We simply helped them visualize their philosophy in a way that’s tailored to their target audience.

Ömer shared their vision with us, which was crucial for the success of our collaboration:

“As Parla Projekt, we produce houses where people can enjoy the comfort and coziness of both their interiors and exteriors. Our house designs have a calming effect on people through using wooden materials and, let’s not forget – their setting, nature. With the methods used by Kaiserbold, we managed to show the impact of the environment. Many elements, such as the trees around the site, and the garden of a house, continuously make a special impression on buyers and improve the overall visual presentation. This is something that Kaiserbold does magnificently.”

Revisions As a Natural Part of the Process

Revisions and edits are completely natural when collaborating with any CGI studio. The most important thing is to communicate clearly what you wish to be adjusted so that you’re completely satisfied with the final result. 

Ömer said how he felt he was in safe hands with us and we’re psyched that we managed to achieve that:

“Each time we needed a revision, Kaiserbold provided us with the fastest and highest quality visual results. While we are doing collaborative work with Kaiserbold, we knew we could do it with complete confidence and that we were in safe hands.”

Need a CGI Studio For Your Project? Well, Don’t Trust Just Our Word For it

We want to thank Ömer Parlayan for taking the time to talk with us. We’re always thrilled to work with like-minded companies that have such a strong sense of identity as Parla Projekt. In case you’re looking for a CGI studio, maybe Kaiserbold could be the right address for you. In fact, don’t trust our word for it: we’ll close this piece with Ömer’s thoughts:

“One of the most important benefits is that we can communicate with Kaiserbold whenever we need it. It enables us to quickly express our designs to our future buyers with photorealistic images and encourage them to imagine their future home.”

If this sounds awesome to you, shoot us a message today
Let’s kickstart your project and make your audience’s jaw drop.

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