A Very First Coloring Book by Kaiserbold [FREE DOWNLOAD]

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read): We are creatives! And despite the lockdown, we will do even more of what we do best, whether that be 3D images, animations, or even coloring books. Just hit the download button below and get our very first coloring book right away.

Here's the very short story:

Do you feel a little overwhelmed or cooped up during these uncertain times? Life is probably making you crazy right now. 

Everyone wants to be positive but we are creatives and during a crisis, we can’t simply wait and cross our fingers for the good times to come back.

And if you’re wondering have to keep your kids busy with schools closed, we’ve got your back. Let’s turn a few 3D interior renders we created earlier into coloring pages instead. Wonderful, right?


This coloring book has 6 beautiful interior spaces you can color, write doodles or even better, entertain your children with. It will help you relax and leave you with a sense of “Hell Yeah” after the world has tried to have its way with you.


Here’s what you get:


No matter who you are or what you do, this coloring book will help you relax and unleash the creativity in you.


For those of you who are new to kaiserbold, we’re just like you but 3D folks doing 3D stuff. We work for brave clients and bold brands by creating CGI visuals that make people talk and provoke emotions. We do that primarily with CG images. Sometimes it’s with animation.

You have probably heard for some of the brands and companies we have worked with:

The Home Depot, Zuri Furniture, The Powerhouse Company, EverrestDijagoninvest, Jordens Arkitekter, Modelart Arhitekti, and many others.


Now, how you can download this coloring book?

Two options are available.

Option 1: After you click on the “Buy on Gumroad” button, our Gumroad Page will show up. Just follow the steps to check out and receive the file via email.

Option 2: If you find this coloring book entertaining, you can buy us a toilet paper and show some love during the quarantine time. If you’re asking yourself “but why?” here is the good reason. Toilet paper is a new method of payment in 2020. Even Jesus agrees. 

When you’re done, DM us a photo of your creation on Instagram (@kaiserbold) to be featured.


Lastly, if this coloring book made you feel something, here are a few ways you can say thank you (if you’re into saying thank you):

1. You can forward this wonderful coloring book to your friends.
2. Or your lover
3. Or your arch-nemesis
4. Or even better drop us a line and hire us to create one of those banger CGIs.


Thank you, 

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