Most developers use bad design.

You’ve decided to start a property development business.

And you’re thinking “I’ll buy land or an old house, pull it down and build a number of townhouses, units or apartments. Then I’ll sell some, keep some and move onto the next one.”

So, you follow the same patterns as everybody does.

You put a sign in front of the property. You buy some magazine or newspaper ads. Someone tells you that traditional marketing strategies still work, so you invest in flyers, brochures, calendars, pens.

Pre-launch marketing is also the thing these days.
So you go digital and create accounts on all social platforms.
And Instagram page! You gotta be on the ‘Gram.

Then you spread out the word. You give out a bunch of flyers and brochures to prospective clients. And things go well…for a little while.

But suddenly your sales have stopped and are staying stopped. You’ve reached the limit. What’s the deal? People like your flyers. You’ve done everything right.

What now?

The problem is that these strategies are the exact same traditional marketing strategies your competition is using to generate leads and sales for their projects.

If you rely on traditional marketing channels like newspaper ads or billboards, you’re using off-the-shelf solutions. Meaning, you’re paying a lot of money for something that did work for somebody, long time ago. And this model works just fine – if you’re Coca-Cola and you have funds.

Let’s be honest here

People fall in love with brands. The fact is that we trust them and pay more for the brands we love. Great brands have an enormous impact on the way they make us feel.

With off-plan property, you are selling an intangible product. A promise with enormous value, asking someone to part with hundreds of thousands of Euros/Dollars or Pounds of their hard earned money they save up their entire lives for.

So, when your sale doesn’t perform as you expected, then you’re going to need to improve, somehow. What if there is a way to stand out, get attention, build a brand, and more importantly start selling and secure finance for the ongoing work?

We got you

The great news for you is that we have a solution for off-plan sales strategy. With photorealistic CGI stills and animations, you can start with your marketing before even laying the first brick. Furthermore, you are able to showcase your project and launch a successful digital marketing campaign on social media for the right people at the right time.

You need to be strategic & intentional about how you communicate with your customers and build a brand. That’s why eye-catching visual content is what is going to get the most attention and turn casual viewers into your loyal customers.

We want to create a memorable experience that will make your visitors stop scrolling and remember your property over the 10 others they’ve already seen online.

Done right, the viewer is getting emotionally attached to the idea of his family in that particular space. That’s the time when you start getting more and more calls. And it’s highly unlikely any competitors in your space will be doing the same thing as you.

You see, CGI provokes emotions and makes money.
Hiring us to do the job will pay for itself way more quickly than you would imagine.

Then you’ll finally be able to sleep easy when it comes to your sales.

Btw, people tell us they’re blown away by our work, which is very nice to hear.

Start sleeping well again

Don’t base your success on vague hunches – your business deserves better.

Let´s work together and create something bold!

Get in touch with us today. Thanks.

© 2019 Kaiserbold 

© 2019 Kaiserbold 

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