25 Useful People PNG Cutouts You'll Wish You Got Sooner (2022 Update)

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read): If you’re an Architecture Student or a fellow 3D Artist who is creating 3D renders and want to get more productive by cutting valuable seconds off your workflow, check the link below and download 25 unique people PNG cutouts you can start using right away!

Let’s start with why you need this?

Generally speaking, here are the reasons:

  1. To move away from the pain of cutting and brushing random people out of the stock image you just found online  
  2. To move closer to the pleasure of getting something this valuable in archviz for free, ready for direct drag and drop use
  3. Within this collection you get 25 unique people cut outs as optimized PNG format with transparent background
  4. To avoid the repetition in your 3D renders you need people doing all sorts of crazy things like cycling, standing, walking or even reading newspapers if you want to tell better stories and impress the clients

Who this collection is for:

  1. Anyone who wants to improve productivity and speed up their workflow
  2. Anyone who wants to avoid the nightmare of cutting out or masking people in Photoshop
  3. This freebie collection is mainly for architects who want to enhance their architectural visualizations with some unique and fresh people cut outs
  4. Architecture students who are new or beginners in architectural visualization
  5. 3D artists and illustrators who want to refresh and build up their 3D asset library

Here's the story:

What do you do when you’re finalizing your 3D render in post-production and you need a random PNG cut out like a group of people standing in the middle of nowhere?

You Google it.
Like any other human being with Internet access on the planet.

And you know the scenario when you dig out a suitable cut out right away and it fits perfectly on your 3D scene?

Yes, me neither.

Sure, it happens sometimes.

But when the clock is ticking and you are thinking of all the adjustments you need to take to finish the image, you just don’t have some additional time to play around with online cut outs and extract them from their backgrounds. 

OK… And why should I care again? 

Because it’s good for your business. And because you can download this completely free!

kaiserbold blog post png people cutout collection free

But it gets better:

These people PNG freebies have been created by our in-house 3D artists and you can use them for personal, educational and non-commercial purposes only.

Please read the next few lines below about terms and conditions before using them on your 3D renders.

As you know, using cut out images of people in CGI stills is a complicated business.

To make it short: If you’re doing renders for an architecture firm, freelance work, or even for a competition, it’s probably considered commercial use under the law. That means you need copyright permission from the original photographer (that’s us), and permission from the model to use their likeness.

Although we have taken all photos in this bundle and transformed them into PNG cut outs, so obviously we own the rights, by downloading and using them you are aware that these bundle of free cut out people is for educational and otherwise non-commercial use only. 

Now, how you can download this freebie collection?

Two options are available.

Option 1: After you click on the “Download (it’s free)” button, our Dropbox Page will show up. This is the place from where you can grab all the files for free. To download the contents of an entire Dropbox folder, just click on the “Download” and then “Direct download” button to save the folder’s contents as a single, compressed ZIP archive.

Option 2: You can buy us a coffee and show some love. If you’re asking yourself “but why?” here is the good reason. Because every time you press the SUPPORT button and BUY us a coffee, a little buzzer goes off in our office. Our entire team can hear it, and when it goes off everyone starts going nuts in the most ridiculous ways possible. It’s our way of showing the gratitude and respect and love we feel for you.

Lastly, while having a good product or project idea is wildly important, presenting it to your customers is more so.

If you’re looking to create a photorealistic 3D render for your architectural competition or new product launch you could probably use our services.

You can check our work here, or even better drop us a line here.

Thank you,