25 Killer Sky Backgrounds to Make Your 3D Rendering Stand Out

This isn’t your first bundle of free sky backgrounds for architectural renderings you found online, is it? If you’re like me, you probably downloaded a ton of these freebies, right?

And how many of them, that made your list, are you still using today for your everyday work?

How long did you stick with them?

There’s just too much free stuff for 3D artists out there.

And yet I’ve been pursuing these freebies and 3D assets for years. It’s a hopeless pursuit, really. And I’ll probably never have enough…

kaiserbold blog post sky backgrounds collection free

But here’s the thing…

Today we’re giving away our in-house collection of sky backgrounds.

The question will not be if they suck or not. 
Meaning this list can’t be perfect. And that’s okay.

What I’m hoping though is that this bundle of free sky backgrounds will make your 3D renderings stand out.

Furethermore,  I’m sharing only the good ones. The ones that have helped us turn some renderings to really catchy images you can follow on our work page.

This can sound so basic, but people who are doing really well in CG industry, do two things right:

First, they are good at finding a niche to get them work.

Second, they know their strengths and are constantly developing their own style instead of copying someone else’s.

But in the CG world, the only way to stand out from the other CGI studios and agencies is to build your own unique resource library of 3D models, HDRIs, cutouts, sky backgrounds and other assets.

If we go even further, it’s really necessary to organize your assets and make them look sharp. Keeping them organized will really help you speed up your workflow. That’s why Connecter is well worth a look.

But you are probably mumbling:

“How do I find time to create useful resources for my next 3D project, when I’m overwhelmed?”

A very simple answer to that question. 

Unique 3D assets, like in this case sky backgrounds, are just everywhere around you.

We are building our asset library all of the time.

In most cases, resources for our 3D work are captured and created by the members of our team while going to work, traveling around or just exploring the nature around us.

So, to create outstanding 3D renderings you need a lot of patience, a lot of unique 3D models and your own 3D assets.

Chances are you’re going No sh*t Sherlock on me by now, but bear with me.


– Knowing the proper rendering setup is great.

– Knowing how to do post-production of your 3D rendering is also great. Btw, to learn how we take our renderings to the next level, follow this link.

But to stand out from the crowd and get your 3D renders noticed is challenging.

That’s why we prepared today something really essential, a free sky backgrounds collection you can download right now!

This package contains 25 high-resolution sky images and it’s free for commercial use. They have been created by our in-house 3D artists and you can use them wherever you like.

As mentioned above, today has never been easier to create your own resource library on a daily bases. Let’s take sky backgrounds and this collection for example. All you need to do is to get out, watch the clouds and wait for a perfect shape.

Obviously, that is the right time to pull out DSLR and to snap some pictures. In the meantime, you can just relax, sit back while watching the clouds and wait for a perfect moment. There is something about clouds. They are unpredictable, constantly changing in shape, color, and texture.

Now, to download this free sky backgrounds package, click on Free Download button below, enter 0 (zero) and grab files for free.

We hope you will find these sky backgrounds useful. Edit them, overlay them and you will get some beautiful background plates.

So get them quick and make some drama!

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Thank you sincerely, 

Bojan from kaiserbold.

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© 2019 Kaiserbold 

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