How to Craft a Perfect 3D Rendering in Post-production

Here's the story:


Most people think creating a 3D rendering is easy.

It’s all about dragging and dropping import-ready 3D models and shaders into scene templates.

A few clicks here and there to move or scale objects, hit render and voila, your expensive high-end CGI still is ready.

Job done. Ok, pay me, Client.

Well, it’s not a few clicks. Have a look:

But the reality is totally different.

In our experience as a creative group of skilled 3D artists that work with companies on creating 3D renderings that both sell and provoke emotions, the story and structure behind your 3D image are crucial.

Creating CGI story that matters is important because a powerful story you convey in your 3D rendering can establish trust with the customer and your customer’s customer. The ultimate goal, right? 

It grabs their attention, it piques their interest, it creates desire and ultimately it is what gives them the information they need to get. Being able to listen to the client, feel their passion for what they want and need, that is your job to accomplish with them. 

But in reality, creating a 3D rendering for architectural competition or off-plan property with the idea to tell a good story, can be very hard to accomplish.

But why the story you tell always matters?

Because good stories have always fascinated mankind. From cave paintings to novels to movies.

The desire to tell and hear good stories has remained unchanged, and still greatly impacts the way we look at life. The ability to tell stories effectively and memorable is a very valuable skill.

The phrase “picture is worth a thousand words” describes perfectly the art of visual storytelling. And that is our goal. That is our A-Ha moment.

Like words, you have to communicate effectively through your 3D renderings.

kaiserbold 3d rendering work collection


Let’s cut the chase and get to the point here.

While we still have plenty to learn on storytelling and communicating effectively, we’re confident that we have something to share with 3D artists and members of the CGI community struggling with challenging post-production work.

In this post, we’re going to share with you our Post-production file for a project we did for Workinforest.

kaiserbold 3d_rendering_raw_without_postproduction

Why do you need to download this PSD file?

– Because this is the image that brought us a lot of attention online.

– Because you will learn how the hell we pulled off that atmosphere on the image.

– Because you will see at first hand how our Workflow looks in Photoshop, how we use Curves, Layer Masks, Color Balance and other features to make our images stand out.

If you follow our layer structure step by step, you’ll be able to create an awesome image for any type of scenery.

kaiserbold postproduction layers

As you know, post-production is the third and final step in creating photorealistic 3D visualizations. CGI, in combination with architecture and design, is an industry where beside skills you need heart and love to that what you are doing.

On the other hand, you need essentials. Everybody needs good sky backgrounds. A good way to start is to download our 25 sky backgrounds.

Although it’s the most challenging, postproduction is a very important phase in our workflow where we put all our efforts (and hours) to treat each part of the image with respect and bring something different and distinctive rather.

Now, how you can download this making-of?

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Option 1: After you click on the “Buy on Gumroad” button, our Gumroad Page will show up. This is the place from where you can grab all the files for €19.95. Just click on “I want this” and follow the steps.

Option 2: You can “buy us a coffee” and show some love. It’s like giving a friendly nod to support what we do, kind of like buying us a round of beer in a cozy café where we can chat about life and work. And ugly clients.

Human touch and natural approach is everything.

Happy creating.

Thank you, 

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