10 Tree PNG Cut Outs to Make Your Life Easier in 2024

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read): If you’re one of the blessed ones who are creating 3D renderings daily, you’re probably struggling to find online the right cut out trees out there. But we got you, buddy. Just hit the download button below and get our cut out trees collection for €3.95.

What you'll get:

  1. You get 10 unique cut out trees as PNG files with transparent background ready for direct drag and drop use
  2. You get 10 carefully picked trees in different sizes, shapes and lighting condition
  3. Enhance the composition of your 3D visualizations with some fresh corner branches or trunks, conifers, and fallen leaves
  4. Downloading this top-notch collection, you will be able to use them wherever you like, from your personal to commercial projects

Who this collection is for:

  1. Anyone who wants to improve productivity and speed up their workflow
  2. Anyone who wants to avoid the nightmare of cutting out or masking trees in Photoshop
  3. This cut out trees collection is mainly for architects who want to enhance their architectural visualizations with some unique and fresh cut out trees
  4. Architectural students who are new to, or beginners in architectural visualization
  5. 3D artists and illustrators who want to refresh and build up their 3D asset library

Here's the story:

No matter what 3D software you use, all 3D renderings end up with post-production.

Cutting out trees in Photoshop
is one of the most painful tasks in the world that every 3D artist has to do (just a step up from cleaning the toilets at the train station). Especially when you’re running on a tight deadline. Time is your enemy.

So, after you spend some time googling “tree png”, you bump to one of the famous cut outs libraries on the web, called something keyword sounding and very smart like “Mr PNG Tree” or a similarly cool “archviz” industry name. They charge peanuts for their cut outs but hey, you don’t care. You want to get something useful asap, so you can continue with your Photoshop magic.

After spending “a few couples of minutes”, or better say eternity, to fill out all required fields and register a new profile, you’re almost there. Just a step more to verify and confirm your email address and you’re all set to step into the paradise and download all kinds of cut outs – from people in awkward positions to cats being everyday jerks.

But there’s no verification email to be found in your inbox. Just the perfect timing to wait for a few minutes when the deadline is just around the corner, right?

Time flies and after an hour of waiting, you’re beginning to freak out. You’re stuck!
No verification email from the biggest cut outs library on the web to be found.
No corner branch cut out you desperately need.

Well, you’re pissed.

Who has time to google around a cut out of a pine tree once again and mask it from a random high-res image you luckily found on Flickr? It’s a bit annoying, isn’t it?

Would you care if I talk about our CGI studio for a moment?

For those of you who are new to kaiserbold, we’re just like you but 3D artists.
We work for brave clients and bold brands by creating CGI visuals that make the audience jaw drop. Primarily with CG images. Sometimes it’s with animation.

We’ve been running the show here for a couple of years now and we’re hired by everyone. From architects and property developers to Fortune 500 companies. You have probably heard for some of the brands and companies we have worked with:

The Home Depot, EverRest, Lloyoll Prefabs, HOMR, Powerhouse Company, SeARCH, Concrete Amsterdam, and many others.

But you’re here for the good stuff. So, let’s cut the chase and go straight to cut out trees collection you’re here to download, right.

No matter who you are or what you do, these cut out trees can help you speed up your workflow and become more productive.

Every day, you see on Linkedin that content marketing gurus and ninjas saying you have to post content with ‘value’.

Gary Vaynerchuk: “Give value!”

Tony Robbins: “Give value!”

So, we decided to do something crazy.

Back in 2016 we saw some major gaps in our industry regarding 3D assets and quickly realized there was room for us to create some buzz with high-quality goodies for 3D artists, architects, designers, and all creative people out there.

The ultimate goal with every asset we publish here is to help you become more productive by cutting valuable seconds off your workflow.

Fast-forward to today, it’s almost 7 years since we launched our collections on Gumroad and 15k+ people already downloaded our cut outs, skies, etc.

With that said, if you haven’t checked them out yet, I highly recommend you do that here and here. 

Of course, you can always pass along these collections to your not-so-savvy friends and colleagues to help them create better 3D renderings as well.

Now, how you can download this top-notch collection?

Option 1 is THE WAY TO GO.
Option 2, on the other hand, is for those who want to show some love and support to us, the kaisers, whether you know us or have just stumbled upon our work.

Option 1: After you click on the “Buy on Gumroad” button, our Gumroad Page will show up. This is the place from where you can grab all the files for €3.95. Just click on “I want this” and follow the steps.

Option 2: You can “buy us a coffee” and show some love. It’s like giving a friendly nod to support what we do, kind of like buying us a round of beer in a cozy café where we can chat about life and work. And ugly clients.

But we can’t give you everything for free

If you googled “free cut out trees” and bumped on us, it means you’re a fellow 3D artist who is crying out loud for useful png trees.

Or you’re considering making a 3D rendering for your architectural firm. Which means you could probably use our services.

Drop us a line, here.

Thank you, 

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